Wednesday, 4 May 2016

watching Game of Thrones (spoilers for Season 6, ep 2)

Have you managed to watch Game of Thrones, S6 E2 yet? If you have, pull up a chair, if not, look away now.

I am pretty chuffed that my prediction last week about Ramsey's behaviour came true - although I was shocked when it happened! I must admit I'd not expected him to go so far, but thinking about it he had to, to ensure he kept his title (for a while), although perhaps he could have let Walda go?

Let's have a quick look at what happened this week.

Lord Harald Karstark
I reckon he's a
treacherous soul.

Harald Karstark, upset that Robb beheaded his father (who murdered a child lest we forget), has switched sides and is now supporting the Bolton claim to the north, which is a terrible claim based on murder and treachery. As if that wasn't enough, it's clear that Karstark's fealty lies with the ex-bastard, Ramsey, because him killing his Dad is just fine.

Harald is clearly a messed up character. However, in A Dance with Dragons, Arnolf Karstark declared for Stannis, which was a trick. He was intending to turn against him once Stannis reached Winterfell. Harald isn't in the books (although Lord Harrion is), so I'm wondering if they've merged Harrion and Arnolf into Harald, and he's declaring for Bolton only to turn on him in future. Wouldn't that be fun?

Meanwhile, there's a pink letter to be written.

Kings Landing

It was a shame that Cersei couldn't get to Myrcella's funeral, but Tommen had good reasons for keeping her away, and it did allow for a bit of father-son bonding, plus some threats of revolution from the High Sparrow.

Tommen and Jaime mourning Myrcella
Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of the Lannisters (well, maybe I am a bit, it's George's fault), but I wish someone would bring down the Faith Militant. A couple of dragons could maybe do it?

Tommen remains fairly innofensive as a King. If he could get some good advisors he might even be good. Gold shall be his shroud, but maybe not yet, after all Myrcella never got a golden crown.

The Wall

About time!!!

I loved the way it looked for a moment like it hadn't worked, and also the way that it didn't work until Ghost woke up... Perhaps John's consciousness was in Ghost so that he didn't lose too much of himself while he was away... We have yet to see how the experience of death will have affected him, if his watch is now ended, and if he'll even be able to get through the magical wards of the wall.

If Jon is still the Lord Commander though he'll have to find a way to unite the Watch with the Wildlings (and Dolourous Ed has made a great start on that) to fight the Others. Also, it would be good if Dany could turn up at some point to lend a hand!

Aeron Greyjoy (the
Happy happy.
The iron islands

Theon, it turns out, is not heading to the wall to take the black (although he should, he really should). Instead he is returning to the iron islands, where Balon Greyjoy has FINALLY been killed. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a faceless man, and that Theon didn't get a shot, but I suspect that the Crowseye paid the faceless man who does the deed in the book anyway, so I suppose it makes sense for TV to make that more obvious. I am also assuming that he's going to make himself scarce for a bit to disassociate himself with it.

It was nice to see some more characters in the iron islands, all of them looking slightly more miserable than the last. Honestly, who would live there? I liked what we saw of Aeron Damphair and I'm looking forward to the Kingsmoot. I was interested to see that on TV the Kingsmoot is taken as read, whereas it's a recreation of ancient tradition in the books. I'm looking forward to the Kingsmoot, and wondering what role Theon will play.


Thank goodness Jaqen H'gar has turned up and taken Arya off to do something more interesting. Any chance of getting him doing something more interesting too? Like heading to Oldtown for instance?

North of the Wall

Nice to see Bran, Meera and Hodor/Willas back. I like the way the TV has let Bran wander around in his visions, it is a great device for showing us old stuff, and how nice to see Lyanna in the first flashback vision.

Meera Reed - bored
(possibly Jon's Dark Sister?)

Meera is bored silly. Perhaps the three eyed raven (nicely played, but I was hoping for a birthmark) might have a useful sword for her? Dark Sister could help to keep Bran safe while he battles to end winter. Also, I suspect she might have Targaryen blood, so she could prove important...

So my favourite plotlines this week were Ramsay Fucking Bolton and of course, Jon Snow. The weakest in my view was Arya's again.

What I want to know is:

  • who's ruling Dorne?
  • when will Dany's dragons turn up? And
  • will the North rebel against the new Lord Bolton now, or wait until they're distracted by the Others?

What did you think, and what's going to happen next?