Sunday, 5 June 2016

Finishing sentences

I cannot resist the lure of an unfinished sentence. So when I came across this way of sharing more about ourselves I decided to join in. Please comment and let me know your finished sentences too!

Somewhere, someone is thinking... coherent thoughts, but it isn't me! Isn't it nice to think about all the minds around the world beavering away. Someone could be curing cancer right now. It's essential, I think, that we don't waste any of this potential, either through closing minds or through pointless death. Imagine what all of those who died in war in the last century could have contributed if we'd allowed them to give more than their lives!

I'll always be... going off on a tangent! Also on my kids' sides and expecting too much of myself.

I have a crush on... my husband! Like any long relationship, the flame ebbs and grows, but just now he's my honey <3

I've come to realise that my ex wasn't... that much older than I was and that whatever legal category I might have fallen into, I was still a child. He had to look after me, and that wasn't fair.

Marriage is... a union of people who share romantic love. I'm happy that it's now available to any couples that want to get married, and would personally be quite happy to see it open to polyamorous relationships. I am also hoping that now civil partnerships will be extended to include non-romantic couples. This picture is of the wedding of two of my best friends. I used to live with them but hardly see them now! I'm the big bridesmaid.

Love is... crazy fierce if it's maternal and beautifully constant for my spouse.

Babies are... life consuming, milk consuming, time consuming fantastical creatures. I know. I've had three and that is me done. 

My mobile is... forever by my side. My diary, notebook, camera, and so much more! It's got a mock book cover, which is often open while I'm taking pictures!

I go on Facebook... briefly, a couple of times a day to check if anything interesting is happening. I post very occasionally, but mainly only to share blog posts, or if I get a notification. I have a serious Instagram habit though, and you'll find me on Snapchat as carakin.

The last time I cried was because... I was really scared to get on a boat but I knew I was going to do it anyway (and I'm glad I did).

Today I... got on a boat (see above). But it was OK. My family were really supportive and kind and it was easier than I thought. In fact it was pretty good! I loved the freedom of being able to go where you wanted. I suppose the car is the same! I should go more places.

Before I go to sleep at night... I read, and do a quick social media scan through.

Tonight I... will read a bit more of Shadow on the Crown by Patricia Bracewell. So hard to believe that those events actually happened! Did you know that for Aethelred the Unready, the 'unready' bit didn't mean 'not ready' but actually 'poorly read' as in badly counselled, and lacking in understanding of the issues. Foolish Aethelred got to run the country terribly while others looked on aghast, and Bracewell's book focuses on his Queen, Emma of Normandy. After that I will lightly sleep until 6.45am when I'm willing to get up and greet the new day.

When I wake up in the morning... I hug a child (whichever one comes through) and check my mobile. The weather, Instagram, even Facebook if I have time, and I look what's on my to-do list. Then it's all go at 7am.

Soon I will... send my first book out to find a lover/agent/publisher. I'm procrastinating a lot, and faffing a lot, because I want this first baby to be just right.

I really want... to get paid for writing more successfully. I'm working on it. Feel free to donate if you like my work (or if you don't). Once I've got the earning a living bit cracked I'll move on to taking over the world. Mwa ha ha! Other things I really want are more hours in the day and more energy to do stuff in those hours. But mainly I'm happy that we're all pretty happy and healthy at the moment. Fingers crossed we stay that way.

Right now I am thinking... that my neighbour has a beautiful garden and I hope this time my clematis will survive so we could get a garden like that. Also I need more flower beds for more flowers coming soon. Also I can hear a happy barbecue or other gathering and I wonder who's having fun. My neighbours (it's not them, although they might be having fun) are eating dinner outside and I love that our lives are lived so much outside when the weather permits. Like I said in my poem, May Sun in Scotland, stories come out in the sun. Below is a picture of Miss 5 in the garden. The death of our climbing plants has led me to brighten up the fences with hama bead creations.

I am listening to... my neighbours chatting, a radio with music playing, laughter. Inside, my daughter fidgeting in her bed, my husband turning the computer on in front of the TV.

I hate it when people... spit. I mean I try not to pull faces, but it's just so utterly disgusting. Ieuu. I also hate it when people (whether they know me or not) shout at me. And I find it incredibly shocking and vexing when people are sexist/racist etc. Apparently this leads to amusing righteous indignation on my part, and that's why my husband gets stern looks.

I lost... the company of all the people I used to hang out with and I miss them more than I imagined, but I wouldn't change what I've got or where I am.

My best friends are... few. And far between.

My enemies hate me because... they're foolish people. :-D

I talk... even though no-one's listening.

I love... my family. And I love writing. I love the peace and the flow of it and I love the people I get to meet doing it.

And that's me done! Fancy giving it a go yourself?