Saturday, 11 June 2016

The rule of the fathers: a poetry post

The prompt over at Mum Turned Mom this week is Up. You might think that this would bring to mind pretty balloons, or that song the kids sing at school - Build Up (hooray for non-religious school songs), but the thing that was jumping about in my mind was that the people who stay up at the top, do it not by standing on the shoulders of giants (raising each other up to greatness), but by climbing up on the shoulders of the weak and then making sure they stay weak. The Tory party's attacks on the poor and the disabled are one example, another is the constant stream of nastiness against immigrants. Then there's the dividing and conquering by pretending that there are sexuality, gender, class, and race dichotomies and trying to keep people in their fake boxes. Ugh. 

So, here's my cheerful little poem about overthrowing the patriarchy. I'm sure it'll fit right in.

The rule of the fathers

Do you think they know not what they do
seeking to tear out world in two?
Dividing rich against the poor.
Battening our country's door.
These fine men who rule the world
twist the minds of boys and girls,
turning sister against brother,
breeding fear 'tween class and colour.

Men who rise on shoulders weak
seek to breed a callous streak.
But weak can join together strong,
rejecting all false division,
knocking down the either/or,
dispelling myth of countries' door.
No forgiveness for the fathers.
Together we build our futures.

© Cara L McKee 11/6/16

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