Sunday, 24 July 2016

six sumptuous songs to sing on a sodden Sunday

I love to sing. I love filling a space with sound and the sound coming back and filling me.

I love songs with long notes, and songs that mean things, and songs that are complete and utter nonsense.

But these songs are some of my favourites for singing along to. What are yours?

Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse is an amazing song, full of emotion and meaning, and it has long soaring notes to enjoy. It must be amazing to sing in a stadium, but I'm happy with the kitchen. My love for this song has inspired me to write several poems, which you'll find elsewhere on the blog (Kissing a Tall Man, Know by Now, and Magnus the Mighty). To be honest I'll happily sing along with most Muse songs, but I'll actually get the words right to this one!

I was a teenage cloggie, and a massive fan of my local band, New Model Army. I have many favourites, and have been known to break into song quite frequently (especially if people ask Stupid Questions, or I go on a bus ride). More recently they've brought out High, which is right up there with some of their greatest hits, and it's what I'm working on learning to sing at the moment.

Another band I loved in my youth were Sisters of Mercy. I saw them live last year, so I can attest that they are not departed or gone, although perhaps they should be. There is no excuse whatever for the song 'I'm a policecar' (which is a cover!). They were better back in the day...for maybe two albums. This song is gorgeous, and I suspect it's something to do with drugs. Andrew Eldritch was born in 1959 (so he's younger than Slade the Leveller, not that you'd know), and I have no idea who Isobel is, but it's rather lovely and has a nice sway to it. Also, this video is sumptuous gorgeousness (and fan art).

I love to sing anything from Joni Mitchell's album Blue. The album is one of my Mum's favourites, and when I first left home I bought a copy to remind me of her. When I was feeling blue I'd put it on and sing along with the whole album. I can't pick a favourite song, I'd happily sing the whole album, but this one keeps coming to mind at the moment.

The next one was one I happened across when flicking channels. I immediately bought the album and it's a favourite in the car (the kids are especially fond of Baby). This is Serj Tankian of System of a Down, doing his solo thing in marvellous style (and he can fit almost as many words in a line as Ms Mitchell).

last up (and only the last because I have to stop somewhere) is Criminal by Lower than Atlantis. Another song found through random flicking, I love the way this song is put together, how they go down for the word 'criminal', how the words soar in the chorus (it's a shame there's a 'shit' in there, I loudly replace it with 'this'), and the marvellous use of rhyme and rhythmn in the bridge:
Yeah son, we're gonna get some actionYou distract them and I will attack them

There are so many songs that I've not included on this list! What are yours?