Friday, 16 September 2016

love a busy week

The first thing I do when I write a blog post these days, tends to be to create a title banner, in my 'signature style'. I must admit, I'm not sure about today's title. Do I love a busy week? I'm kind of shattered, and I'm annoyed to be writing this in the knowledge that I've missed the #WhatImWriting linky because I'm still going at twenty past nine on a Friday night, with a G&T at my side and a headache. I should just stop.

But I have been really busy working and more work begets more ideas, and I can't stop thinking of stuff, and when I'm thinking my fingers are typing it, and I need to have a pen to hand at all times, and it needs to be one of my very own fountain pens that none may touch, and I'm writing random poems and filling up Google Keep with inspiration, including lots of Cheryl Strayed quotes - who knew she was so inspirational? This is just one that caught my eye:
“Forgiveness doesn't sit there like a pretty boy in a bar. Forgiveness is the old fat guy you have to haul up a hill.”
― Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar
anyway, there is not enough time to get all this done, and as well as breathing out I need to breathe in and... 


It was Miss 9's birthday last
weekend. She got this splendid
lunch bag off her Grandad.
The splint is from the NHS.
So here I am, taking stock of what I've been up to this week, and by week, I mean Tuesday to Friday, because last weekend was a birthday weekend (and so's this weekend), and then Monday was taken up with my Writer's Group (I'm very excited to now be running my own poetry circle, with lots of incredibly good poets in it, so much learning to be done), and taking Miss newly 9 to the hospital (broken arm healing nicely), and Miss 6 to Rainbows and homework and all of that stuff.

On Tuesday I wrote my column for the next edition of Scotland 4 Kids which will be coming out next month. It's a great magazine, and I hope the circulation gets rolled out beyond Edinburgh before too long.

I also did lots of work on Tuesday on the anthology I'm pulling together for Largs Writers Group, which I finished all my bits on on Wednesday! That was awesome, because I've learned lots from getting that book ready for publication (and the job isn't finished yet), but I've also had lots of problems with getting things to fit, bringing things in from lots and lots of different sources (including hard copy), and getting them to fit into a coherent look, and working with the printer to make sure the style works throughout. In amongst all this, the word processing package that I was using stopped supporting UK English (ARGH!!!), so, after muddling along for a while in a sea of squiggly red, I switched to Libre Office, which is similar but not the same (and you really know about these things when you're doing complicated nonsense). All of it was excellent learning, and I am feeling like I could pull together a pamphlet of my poetry to sell at events and to you good people. I'd mainly be using the poems I've already published elsewhere (like here), with a couple of newbies thrown in to sweeten the deal. What do you think? Would you buy it?

Anyhow. After wrestling with formatting on the Wednesday I was delighted to get the good news that one of my poems has been accepted for something... I can't tell you what yet, but I'm very pleased to be involved with it. Watch this space...

Yesterday I got myself gussied up and wrote my review on my new glasses from (see the title banner and this post), which I've been wearing lots today too. It's fun to get fancied up from time to time, but it's terrifying how much eye makeup seems to be required in order to look human!

And today. Today I have been on fire. I have rewritten my synopsis for the Rose book, and sent submissions out to two potential agents. I have written up notes on publishing from an event I helped to facilitate a couple of weeks back, and sent them off to a curious friend. I have tarted up one poem, after it was rejected on Wednesday (poor poem, it's lovely - it's got vampires in it), and written three more to keep it company, and sent them all off to a magazine (keep your fingers crossed about all these submissions). AND, I realised that my submissions filing system was woefully behind the times/rubbish, so I sorted that out too (don't get excited, it's still mainly post its).

And yes, I missed What I'm Writing, but I'll catch the next one. Right now, it's time to play Transport Tycoon and actually drink that G&T!

*Update! That poem, with the vampires, got accepted!!! Yay! 

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