Thursday, 15 September 2016

love some new glasses

I wear glasses. Not all the time, just when I want to see things far away. So I'm forever putting them on and taking them off and leaving them somewhere safe, you know, like on the top of a car, or in a cafe, or something.

So when got in touch to ask if I would like to try out their (rather fab) glasses I jumped at the chance.

To be honest, I'd never considered buying glasses online before - I liked the idea of trying them on in the shop and faffing for a very long time before deciding, but at the prices are charging, even if they're not perfect they're perfect for a spare pair.

So I had a look at their website, and found several pairs I was interested in. I got out my ruler and measured up my favourite existing pair to get a better idea of how how they'd look on my face (and they provide all the measurements, so that's easy to do with a ruler and a mirror). 

So I faffed about for ages choosing and then placed my order, including my prescription details (which I easily got for free from my optician), and three weeks later they arrived, beautifully packaged, all the way from China. My friend Jo thinks they're great, but Miss 6 is not impressed (she's hard to impress to be fair).

Anyway, I like them, and considering all the glasses I looked at were £14-£22 it's hard to go wrong. You can even get prescription sunglasses.

The good people at have been kind enough to give me an offer code to share with you, if you fancy grabbing yourself some face furniture. The code is GSHOT50 and it will give you 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses, although sale frames aren't included.

Happy shopping!