Friday, 14 October 2016

Hope: a poetry post

Yesterday I travelled away by myself for the first time in eleven years!

I enjoyed sitting on various trains, secure in the knowledge that the kids were having lots of fun. My lovely mother in law even sent me photos. She knows what I'm like.

I arrived in Ilkley and met my mum,  wandering back to her house along familiar streets. Once there she stuck the kettle on, and I called my husband to let him know I had arrived safely. Only we didn't discuss my journey.

He had got in from a nice day out with the kids to find Katsuma very unwell. It seemed that he'd thrown another blood clot, and I talked K through how to check, and where I had secreted the supply of cat morphine for just this situation.

After that I drank tea with my mum while K took Katsuma to the vet for the last time. 

He was a fantastic cat, and I wish he could have stayed longer, but at least we got to love him for a while. 

Here's my hope for him now... 


I hope that there is some great hall of Bast:
a final resting place for fearsome cats 
where days are spent in hunting mice and birds 
and lying in the grass with sun-warmed fur;
where evenings bring fresh tuna and the treats 
that cats with heart disease don't get to eat. 
I hope that cushions suitable are found
and time can well be spent lazing around. 

(c) Cara L McKee, 14/10/16

Goodnight pudding. I'll miss you. 


 Prose for Thought

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