Friday, 21 October 2016

The Pennies: a poetry post

I seem to be thinking in iambic pentameter at the moment. I have a poem to write, which must be in well-formed iambic pentameter, and I want it to be perfect, so I'm practicing, although I'm not sure if that's making me better, or just giving me more reason to think I'm rubbish!

Anyway, the metre in this one is not right - not enough stresses despite the right number of syllables, but I like it anyway, so I'm sharing it with you lovely people. I wrote it about one of our favourite little acts of kindness, although you might call it littering!

The Pennies

You know when something is 99p
and that pointless penny enters your purse?
That penny that must cost more to just be!
That penny that makes holes in pockets worse?
I save all those pennies up in a box:
the ones from coffee, the ones from our tea,
the ones from buying emergency socks;
all of the pennies that find ways to me.
I save them up, then take out a handful
to pop in pockets and give to the kids,
to drop on pavements and on windowsills,
where they'll be spotted and fingers will pick
them up, and have good luck all the day long,
but best luck for us, with our pennies gone!

© Cara L McKee 21/10/16

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