Tuesday, 11 October 2016

what I'm writing

So the other day I had a poem accepted, but I couldn't yet say where, and now I can! It's in the new magazine 404 Ink, which has now named me along with a host of other "brilliant new writers". It's so exciting being in at the beginning with an interesting project like this, I'm feeling rather lucky and can't wait to see it in November. You can pre-order, find out more about 404 Ink, and get links to their Patreon page (and also top tips for using Patreon if you're interested), here.

I've also been lucky enough to have a poem accepted for a forthcoming edition of Allegro Magazine, which I'll let you know about when it comes out, and I've got two poems coming out in Forward Poetry anthologies, and one in a local writer's group anthology later this year.

I'm hoping to add to these little fledgelings flying the nest with more poems getting accepted in more places, so I'm submitting them all over the place. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Other writing related news is that I'm going to be taking part in the Open Mic event at Ilkley Playhouse on Sunday 16th October. If you're likely to be in the Ilkley area you can get tickets for the event here. Please come. I get judged on audience reaction and could really use the support. I am only slightly terrified! The mad thing is that I'll be on just one day after Hollie McNish!

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