Friday, 16 December 2016

2016 in pictures

I'm early with my wish to review the year this year, but I am quite happy to see the end of 2016, it's brought the death of both celebrities and of friends. It's brought impending Brexit and Donald Trump (which means that my children are now calling their farts Donald, tee hee). We have terrible situations around the world, and it's easy to worry about what's going to happen.

Victoria of Verily Victoria Vocalises recently took folks to task for whining about 2016, pointing out that there were good things too, here. She has a point. Reviewing the year helps to focus on the good stuff, so maybe that's why I'm drawn to it at the moment.

Anyway, I'm a massive fan of Instagram, for all the gorgeous pics I get to enjoy, and the positive communication that goes on there. Instagram feels like a very inviting coffee shop where you're guaranteed to meet a friend, I could spend all day there. 

If you go here you can get your best nine Instagram pictures of 2016, the 'best' in this case being the most liked, rather than any artistic assessment. Here are mine.

Top left: leaves in the park in Ilkley while I was there (by myself, it was glorious) for Ilkley Literature Festival. I used this picture for the title image of my poem Red.

Top middle: Miss 6 with the neighbour's cat. This cat kept trying to get into the house while Katsuma was still with us, and would stress him out totally, which was not much fun for a cat in the late stages of heart disease, so I was totally OK with Miss 6 bugging him (obviously not hurting though) in the hopes that he'd stay away. It didn't work, and now he, and another neighbour's cat come around to check out the kittens, while Loki does his best Scrappy Doo impression through the window.

Top right: It's me! Standing in front of a bookcase because that looks writerly. 

Middle left: Me again, gothing it up for a friend's birthday party. Gosh it was great to go for the goth thing again. I've been feeling lots more confident about my looks lately, and enjoying dressing again. I know some people try to hide in black and big clothes, but I love to be wafty and dark.

Middle: We get the best sunsets on the West Coast.

Middle right: I don't like cut roses very much, but am just a little bit obsessed with the flowers. I love the way roses are used in fairy tales, and have written a whole book currently called The Rarest Rose (working on getting it published).

Bottom left: this is the road ten minutes walk or so from my house. I can't drive it because you have to reverse lots and I suck at that in my great big annoying car, but I love walking it, up into the hills.

Bottom middle: Yellow Easter bunny rabbit. I love it, and so do you it seems.

Bottom right: The girls decorating gingerbread with edible glitter. Getting on a chair and taking a photo of them is standard behaviour, right?

So that's my most liked photos of the year, but I also wanted to share with you some of my favourite Instagram feeds, because there is so much that is just gorgeous. Here are just a few of those I love:
  • qtndv (no more information) lots of gorgeous textured pics around London.
  • hidden_egg fabulous images from artist and illustrator Hazel Vellacott.
  • tree_magic I'm a little bit obsessed with trees, so what's not to love? 
  • el2dvz more trees! Foggy trees. Honestly, something for everyone (that loves foggy trees).
  • thesmyth It's Em of Terrible Tumbles blog, my go to British blog for clothes.
  • allison_sadler_ runs The People Shop which is happily nowhere near me, because her style and grace are just amazing, and I would leave that shop penniless. You can shop online, but that's more resistable... just.
  • ourfinland I love looking at Finland. More than I'd love being cold I suspect. So I also follow...
  • merjainen a photographer in Finland.
  • 1dogwoof Chi Wei is an amazing crochet designer. We made her gorgeous octopi (I know it's wrong but I have to) for the kids teachers last year. Awesome. Her website is here. She's also learning to knit, so if that's your bag, check her out.

Do you have any instagram recommendations? Share them in the comments.

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