Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 in review: all about the hair

2016 was the year for regaining a sense of self, and with this in mind I tried to make my hair a gorgeous green, documenting my attempts through Instagram, using several different dyes and different colour combinations. Mostly it was various stages of not-quite-right with this being the best I achieved (it would doubtless have been better with bleaching):

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That was done with Crazy Colours dye, which went everywhere, and I didn't use again.

The best dye I found was Directions (a mixture of Alpine and Apple Greens): 

But even that was only at it's best when augmented with a bit of filtering (hello Nashville, you were my best friend, and you too, Snapchat Pretty).

I was a little bit worried about my green hair looking like some kind of mid-life crisis, although actually, I think that trying to look normal for a while there had been more of a crisis, it's not me at all!

Anyway, the green was getting annoying, it was taking over my thoughts, it was what I looked at when I passed a mirror! And green has to die down sometime, right? As Autumn arrived I thought it might be fun to go red (I guess I'm pretty leafy when it comes to colours). Obviously going straight to red from green results in a muddy mess, so I went brown first.

I loved it! I could see me again in the mirror (I wrote a poem about it: Mirror Games), and started playing with makeup and clothes again. I started to feel pretty again which is always lovely.

But I still chose to go redder, although not the rubine red I'd thought of, but a reddish, brown instead.

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It's a colour I can play with, something I can augment with crowns like the one above (which I won from the marvellous Crown and Glory, and which everyone needs in their lives), or with roving dreads which I made ages ago with roving given to me from my lovely mother in law, but hadn't managed to wear until recently. Even my father in law thought they looked great :-)

So where will my hair be going in 2016? I've got some black-red hair dye waiting to go in the bathroom, and I'm loving playing with makeup, so I think I'll be staying reddish for a while. Nothing last forever though eh? I'm loving crimping at the moment, and embracing a bit of Christmassy sparkle, but no doubt things will change when the seasons do.

What about you? How has your style changed in 2016?

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