Monday, 9 January 2017

Tories are Wrong: a poetry post

Did you know that I have actually had proper jobs? Not that this writing biz isn't a proper job, but I mean something that people actually expected to pay me for, where I was employed because I was clever and had certificates to prove it. Where people in suits (and people in uniforms) listened to my advice (I'm not saying that they acted on it, or listened particularly attentively, but they were quiet while I was talking, sometimes).

Poems like this are basically me saying "you're alright, Civil Service, I don't really want to come back." (to which the Civil Service would probably say, "and you are?"). I still feel like I shouldn't say it, and I'm not going to argue poetic beauty for this one, it's just something that I had to say, so I wrote it down in my notebook and then realised that even though I'd not written it as a poem, it was one anyway!

So here you go (written as a poem this time):

Tories are Wrong

The Tories were wrong in the '80s
the Tories are just as wrong now.
They gorge themselves on victim blaming
and drink from the capitalist cow.

And I fucking hate the Tories.
I don't see what there is to like
unless you're the kind of person
deciding between them and Third Reich.

I don't care for Theresa's trousers,
they're a statement like Billy Hague's shoes.
Whatever she wears she's a Tory
so giving our country the Blues.

So next time, let's vote out the Tories
let's give other partes a go.
Could they be as wrong as the Tories?
The answer has got to be NO!

© Cara L McKee  8/1/17