Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Be: a poetry post


I'm down in the dumps at the moment. It's February and the rain is falling. Everything is cold and dull and wet, and staying in has ceased to be all hygge and lovely and become incredibly tedious. Not that we're staying in all the time, but I long for days of warm sun and lunch outside, of not constantly cleaning up muddy kitten prints (although they're doing great outside and having fun, which is good).

My Mum is moving house today, which is brilliant for her, as her old house was too big and needed too much work. It's fine for me as well, but I'm rolling about in memories today, of all the things that happened in that house, all my memories, all the memories shared with others who aren't in my life now. It's weird to think that I won't ring that pull-bell again. It's weird to think that I won't need the memory of which steps creak.

I'm busy doing lots of writing at the moment. Bitty stuff of poems to go with a photography exhibition, and a column for Scotland 4 Kids. I feel like I'm avoiding writing the bigger things, but that's probably alright, because I think there are things I need to figure out about those. I've had lots of rejections lately and that's battering my confidence, but I'm choosing to believe that these things come in waves and a good wave is just around the corner.

The prompt this week at Mum Turned Mom is BE. And this little poem was just bouncing up and down to come into being. With thanks to Sara (at Mum Turned Mom), and to Nirvana for the inspiration.


Be who you are
who you were
who you want to be.
Be-a-utiful and strong,
be wild, be free.

Beside yourself laughing
beside your friends
and family.

Be you.
Who else is there to be?

Ⓒ Cara L McKee 7/2/17

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