Sunday, 19 February 2017

You know nothing: A poetry post

Did I mention that I'm a massive fan of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and of Game of Thrones? I spend far too long listening to long podcasts about the History of Westeros (honestly, it's fascinating). Anyhow, the lovely Sara at Mum Turned Mom's writing prompt for this week was SNOW, so there was only one thing on my mind.

I am very much aware that as well as writing this about Jon Snow, I've written the Edge of Doom inspired by a photo of Kit Harrington who plays Jon in Game of Thrones, so I'd like to take a moment to stress that I am not interested in Jon that way. He's so very young, and so very näive. If anything I'd just want to look after the boy and maybe make him a nice warm bowl of soup.

If I was shipping myself with anyone in Game of Thrones then I think that despite his myriad flaws I might be looking at Petyr Baelish, because you'd want to be on his good side! Mind you, I'm probably best off out of it. 

You know nothing

A blue rose grows
in a wall of Ice
and you do not comprehend
that the rose
and the music
are yours.

Yours is the song
of Ice
lit by Red Fire
and you know nothing.

Ⓒ Cara L McKee

This is my first Asoiaf poem! ♥

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