Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why write poetry: a poetry post

Hello there!

Today (21st March) is World Poetry Day. To be honest, I didn't know this until Vic Welton shared a poem on her blog earlier today (here). She got some glorious goodies from Viking, which I'm jealous of, but I too can write about the joy of poeming, even without fancy stuff (although Viking, if you're watching, I'd love some freebies 😉), so here is my poem about why I write poetry, and underneath that are some links to awesome poets you might like to check out.

Why do I write poetry?

For poetry makes words into silly-putty
to bounce ideas around
and mould to our meanings.

For poetry is a way to
speak my truth to beauty
and in that, reflect your own.

For poems are small, and sometimes tiny
and can be crafted and smoothed,
embellished and made just so,
and they might even find a new home.

For I read and listen to poetry
and find I must join in:
take your words and swallow them
to set my own words free.

Ⓒ Cara L McKee 21/3/17

As promised here are some top tips on poetry you might want to read and listen to:

  • Katie Ailes (of the Loud Poets), Katy Ewing, and Iona Lee (all three women utterly brilliant at spoken word events - go see them) have a joint poetry collection out from House of Three, 2016 (definitely an imprint to watch, by the way). It's amazing. The House of Three website is here, with details of all their books so far (which are all worth buying, but I'm feeling special love for the third one), and an online store!
  • To be honest, I bought Butcher's Dog magazine because issue 8 had a mermaid on the front, but I am so glad I did. I mark pages to come back to with little postits, and my copy of Butcher's Dog is hedgehog like with all the mini postits sticking out of it. Amazing stuff, lovely people, go and give them your money. Link above.
  • Another awesome magazine at the moment is Hotdog magazine. I really want to get into this magazine! Find it here. Issue one is sold out, but issue two is available.
  • 404 Ink is a really interesting publishing house, bringing out a magazine type thing which is gorgeous, has lots of great content, including poetry and is absolutely delightful to be in, and also publishing books now. Their website is here.
  • And lastly, because I know you don't want to be here forever, but there is a forever's worth of good stuff happening, I'm giving some love to N Ireland's Abridged Magazine, which is colourful and just the right side of seedy (at times), and also bears its Goth influences with a wry grin. Check it out here.
That should keep you going for a bit!

What poetry are you loving at the moment?


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