Friday, 8 September 2017

Web-logging - September 2017

My irregular round up of what's going on with me and mine. I did take that photo above this month, on the 2nd. Now I'm glad that the kids decided to sack off all my plans and play in the sea because it now looks like that might have been the last nice day... ever.

Right now I'm:

Sitting at my desk. It was seriously messy and I promised myself I would tidy it up properly before I sat here again - you know what they say about tidy minds and all that (although I'm wondering if I'd want a tidy mind?), anyway, I cleared away the big stuff and have made a slightly wobbly pile of all the other stuff. On the top bit of my desk is a bit of paper which says 'DEPTHS' - this is so I can get people to say it without tainting them with the way I say it. I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't sound odd when they say it.

I've just got a glass of wine, because it's Thursday. Thursday is my favourite day because long ago I proclaimed it so and it can't just have been because of Top of the Pops and Tomorrow's World.

Today is also a good day because it's my daughter's birthday. We have a Miss 10! We have had a homework free day and tea out (at Subway because I've managed to kid my kids that that is an awesome treat), plus fancy cup cakes. It's all been lovely. She got the new Playmobil Cruise Ship, which is absolutely awesome. Her party is to come on Saturday, and will involve karaoke. If I told you that organising this hadn't been stressful I would be lying, but I shall not dwell.

Currently reading:

I've just last night finished reading Bitch Doctrine by Laurie Penney which is basically essays so was a bit repetitive at times but brilliant. I had to use a pencil as my bookmark and I swear half the book is underlined. It's really really really important reading, plus it introduced me to the word 'bloviating' which is a perfect description for Donald Trump's style of address.

Tonight I get to start re-reading Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, which I'm excited about. 

I am also reading Rebel Sun by Sophie McKeand, who is the sort of poet who makes me want to give up poeming and leave it to the professionals. Wow. Do go buy her book, and Laurie Penney's too. Rebel Sun is here, the cover is designed by Andy Garside who I'm hoping is going to become a tattoo artist.

Listening to:

At the moment I can hear my daughters getting ready for bed and my son playing with his friends. My husband is busily emptying bins. 

Before I started writing this (I write in quiet), I was listening to a Radio Westeros podcast. They might be my new favourite Game of Thrones podcast. Nice and simple while in-depth, their work makes me wonder new things (and think of new ideas). Also they have nice accents and don't seem overly impressed with their own opinions (there is so much of that about in my opinion ;-)).

I've just got a new phone, and corrupted the SD card I've had for years. Now I've only got the tracks I've downloaded, and my phone doesn't know which ones are recent and which not. It's all gone a bit random, and I keep hearing stuff I didn't know I had, while I'm missing things I'm more used to listening to lately.

The next songs coming up on my random shuffle playlist are:

Having fun:

We had a very stressful end to the summer holidays, with Miss 10 (then 9) getting really poorly and ending up in hospital for a few days. It was rubbish. We were stuck in there through the nice days and came out in the rain. But we came out and she's good and healthy so that's awesome.

We had to cancel a couple of events because of her not being well, so we went away last weekend to stay in the caravan in Maidens. The plan was to go to Culzean. We went to the beach instead.

That was it. That was summer, we've had it. It started raining on Saturday night and it's not stopped yet. Rumour has it we might see that ball of fire in the sky on Saturday. Cross your fingers for us!

On Instagram:

Allison Sadler had anoter fab #freeupmyinsta challenge, which I started taking part in, and then the weather and lots of things to do got on top of me, and I got lost in it all. I disappear when that happens, but I've been catching up today to make up for it. I still like using the prompts, but I'm also enjoying playing with the Instagram stories. Now that my Insta feed is clogged up with adverts and I miss most of the things the people I'm interested in post, I must admit that I mainly seem to use Stories, although I hate the ones where people use a story to tell you to go and look at their posts.

and here are three accounts I'm loving at the moment for their stories:

  • @allison_sadler_ Allison is full of Brummie joy and positivity. She runs a shop which looks amazing, engages beautifully with her followers, and is doing the #freeupmyinsta prompts I'm trying to take part in. She shares just enough about her day and the things that interest her, and also shares lots of love for others' accounts.
  • @margotmeanie Margot has 32,000 followers and yet still she engages with people and makes you feel like part of her circle. Her circle is fabulous. I would love to have an ounce of her style, and luckily you can buy just that because Margot also has the time to be a personal internet shopper!
  • @ikiwn Zoë, of I Knew I Was Next, is a fashion blogger who is tall, fabulous, from Yorkshire, but living in Scotland. We have so much in common 😉. She's great at amending clothes, which inspires me (although I am yet to take on a zip, unlike her!).
Here's my most popular picture so far this month... I think that if you're going to have a national animal it should be a fantastical one.

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Perving over:

Nothing. Tumbleweed is blowing through my fevered imagination.


Miss 10's birthday party tomorrow, various social events of various people in the next few weeks and Mr 11 (soon to be 12)'s birthday event next weekend. 'Tis the season, hence we're not planning much else. I was hoping to take a break over the October holidays but it isn't happening this year!


I read this really interesting article about Sylvia Plath, which is making me see her work in a new way, and to wonder just how mad the mad girl actually was. For women it is more true than for others that we are what people say of us. As I mentioned, I'm re-reading The Bell Jar. I've also been looking at some of Sylvia's poems again. I started with an obsession with Mad Girl's Love Song, which worked out well as it got me into villanelles, and I had one of those published in The Interpreter's House recently.

  • Just come to the end of Game of Thrones
  • Starting Tin Star (not watched any yet)
  • Watched No More Boys and Girls, which was interesting if a little binary for my liking in the way they kept making people put words like 'strong' into a box and then commenting on the fact that they did it. It was an interesting idea, but I find it very odd that the person leading the programme was a man, as was the teacher, particularly considering the fact that most primary school teachers are women. Still worth a watch though.


I've not managed much poetry this week, but I have been making some rather awesome posters for Miss 10's party tomorrow. This is the only one I managed to save in a version I can share here.


The boy has started secondary school and now school is a closed book to me, he's got all this stuff going on and I want to give him the confidence to do it himself, which he's getting with a little support a home, so I'm staying out of it, I haven't got in touch with the school about anything (although I'm keeping totally up to date with everything I can find out in other ways and I chuffing love the Show My Homework app).

The girls are doing great at their primary, enjoying their new uniforms, but not so happy about their new houses. They're not in the same one! And they're named after birds! Sigh. We have one Kestrel and one Osprey. They had been hoping that a neighbour might become house captain, but now they're not in the same house and, with the schools in the process of merging, there is only one captain per house in our bit of the new school, so he is not in, and we are gutted 😢 

We will probably get over it in a minute.

Another neighbour launched a new fish and chip shop in the town three short months ago and has recently won the award for being the best fish and chip shop in Scotland! TBH it's very well deserved, plus they give you a bucket and spade with a kids meal, so if you're in Largs pop to The Fish Works (and we'd recommend Geraldo's for ice cream, although Nardini's is pretty good too) 😉

Anyhow, how's it going with you?