Friday, 27 October 2017

Tanka Project #20: Grey day

Sometimes I use the photo prompts from Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge to inspire a tanka (and a photo!). Recently the prompt was 'one of a kind', so I went out into the dreary looking for something that was one of a kind. I must admit that I thought of a selfie, but I wasn't feeling photogenic, and looking around at the grey and the dreary and the still-f**ing-raining, I wasn't feeling that anything was particularly different, or one of a kind. Then I thought of the saying that you can't step into the same stream twice. It might look the same but the water has moved on and changed. The grey dreary might look the same but there is a different quality to the rainclouds, all that water, above and below is moving on, as are we all. Today someone has died, and their loss is felt. Today someone is born. Today all the other things inbetween have happened to someone somewhere. Today is one of a kind, and the only remarkable thing about that is that you can't tell by looking.

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