Sunday, 8 October 2017

Tanka Project #3: Heathcliff

Today's Tanka is inspired by Matt Dennison's poem, One Night.

Well, aren't I the cheery little soul! 

I got totally fascinated by an episode of In Our Time all about Wuthering Heights (and the fabulous antihero Heathcliff) the other day, and I had this idea of Heathcliff hiding out on the moors, perhaps during the time he was missing.

I went to college with a lad called Heathcliff. He was ridiculously good looking. I signed up for Psychology just because he did! He wasn't for me though. Another lass at college also thought he was gorgeous, and they got on like a house on fire, until she plucked up the courage to tell him her name (she managed to hide it for AGES). Sadly Heathcliff wasn't quite ready to meet his Kathy yet so poor Kathy was dumped. 

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