Saturday, 28 October 2017

Tanka Project: Guests 3

If you're not following the Tanka Project on Instagram (@tanka_project) you're missing out - there are tankas from me, and from lots of other talented people, these three are just a selection.

The first is from Gary Mansfield, who has featured before, and I love the way he summons the interior of the bar-room, where all things can be set right and be set right again to bring focus onto a universal truth.

This is from Alexandra Carcich, and provides a little glimpse of Autumn. I especially love the 'final kneel' in the last line, it reminds me of the times I make a typo and find that actually, the other word can really work (while summoning the intended word too). I like that idea that Autumn is an end to everything. It certainly feels like that looking out at my mud-soaked garden!

Last up for today is @poetrybybrick whose opening line 'A euphoria' had me at hello. I love the idea of euphoria as a thing you can capture, it's sparked lots of ideas in me. Also this is a gorgeous wee tanka.

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