Thursday, 2 November 2017

Tanka Project #22: Symmetry

I am coming to the end of a period of what I was inspired by Henry Rollins to call 'breathing out' - when I put my work out into the world. Soon I will start the 'breathing in' where I focus in on the creativity, writing and rewriting for me, to let things flourish and grow.

I will keep the tanka project going until I reach 44, which is my age, twice as many as I'm at now, and also a number I love because I love repeating numbers. At that point I don't think it will die, just maybe breathe in.

When I am busy sending my work out into the world I sometimes start to believe that a rejection means it's not good. It sometimes gets to you, especially when someone keeps hold of it for months on end only to reject it. All that time when you could have nurtured the thing and instead it was held by someone who didn't even love it.

I can't judge myself or my work by other's standards (apart from the standards of my boss at the library where I now work, and I'm thrilled when she likes what I do). I have to do what is right for me, and that's not always going to be right for someone else. Someone else might even think it's rubbish. The important thing is that I don't. That's kind of what today's tanka is about.

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