Friday, 10 November 2017

Tanka Project #31: Coffee

This morning I hid real live human beings in drab, contained their hair, but whispered that I knew they were still in there, and I sent them to their undercover work as schoolchildren.

This morning I wrestled electric cats into a fairy faraday cage, and took them to the torturer, who weighed their hearts and found them wanting.

I rubbed magic potions onto the electric cats gums, and we widened our eyes to each other.

This morning I cornered the laundry monster and labelled its parts. It still lives, but the first of its limbs has been wrestled into submission.

This morning I bargained with the weather gods and won, for a while, and took the tribbles out to work their way across the grass.

And then I stopped for coffee

and while I drank the coffee I wrote a tanka on a scrap of paper I've now glued in a notebook and shared it with you.

What have you done this morning?

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