Saturday, 18 November 2017

Tanka Project #37: Enough

Sara at Mum Turned Mom is ending The Prompt.

I know. I'm gutted too.

But you know, all good things and all that, so here I am taking part in the last one, because I missed the first.

This tanka is inspired by Sara's prompt - ENOUGH - and by a conversation about endings and beginnings I had recently.

Perhaps for every ending there isn't a beginning, but there is space. That space can hurt sometimes, but it is a space for possibilities. I think. I might be wrong. Endings can hurt so much that it's difficult to notice the space, sometimes the space is covered in rubble, and it can take a long time to slowly, gently, clear it away.

I know Sara will find things to grow in the space The Prompt leaves, and I hope her ideas enjoy their space to bloom.

the last one!

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