Monday, 27 November 2017

Tanka Project #43

Today's tanka is inspired by The Red Painting's song, 'You're not one of them' (as you can see - I stole that line). I love The Red Paintings, even though I think he might have said that 'time holds no bears'. My son shrugged at the lyric and said 'well, time doesn't hold snakes either.' The logic, my friends, is inarguable.

It's a good video too isn't it? If odd. 

Anyway... I am not really down with the whole binary thing, so I find the idea of 'us' and 'them' totally fascinating. Any binary division is bound to be a Venn diagram at best, a noose at worst, and really lacking in usefulness, in my opinion, so us and them, well, it's meaningless - we're all us, we're all them. It is all our fault and it is all our problem.

I know at least two people who definitely voted the way I totally think they shouldn't have done lately. Do I ditch them? No, they are us. People cannot understand my way of thinking if I don't speak out.

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