Monday, 20 November 2017

Tanka Project: Guests 7

My apologies, it's been a while since I've put together a selection of the tankas from guests to the Tanka Project, and you can no doubt tell from some of the subject matter in these three, fabulous tankas.

First up is Brianne Bowman, with a Halloween inspired tanka which I adore because of the image she conveys of a book as a magical place of refuge, it reminds me of Julia Donaldson's 'I Opened a Book' ("I opened a book and in I strode./Now nobody can find me./..."), but with a gorgeous fairytale twist. I am currently reading Sarah J Maas' A Court of Mist and Fury, and would love to step into the book and discover the artist's quarter in the city of Velaris. Feyre and Rhysand can do the flying around, those dresses are never going to suit me.

Magaly Guerrero was rightly annoyed with me for not tagging her when I reposted this tanka with her permission. Instagram keeps dropping out my descriptions, which is driving me crazy, especially when it impacts on a lovely guest like Magaly, who I would like to give all the kudos she should have got before for this fabulous Halloween tanka. I love the turn in this, the way she starts with something a touch scary and makes it kind of lovely. Magaly is choc full of great writing so go check out her blog, here.

I'm finishing up with another tanka from the fabulous Kyelsang Choeden, who you'll no doubt recall joined in with the tanka project once before (check it out here). Kyelsang has crafted a wish for knitting which totally speaks to me as I have a drawer overflowing with yarn for a knitting project which I need to pull out and GET ON WITH! Now is the time, with the grey skies and all the Novemberyness, although December would do too.

Again, with this post I lost the description, which totally sucks, but you can find Kyelsang's amazing instagram feed here.

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