Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Making Emma's Pancakes

Spring must be just around the corner because it's pancake day!

Why do we eat pancakes on pancake day? It's a Christian tradition, to get rid of excess food so that you could fast during Lent, because Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert while the devil tempted him. Then he went back to civilisation and got killed, so don't do that...

Erm, yeah, so eating pancakes is about having a blowout before you start a diet. It's a mad time of year to be using up food supplies, but thankfully we now have tinned food, speedy transport and large scale agriculture.

I have always sucked at making thin pancakes (what my kids call 'English pancakes') so every year I would try a new recipe. Last year I'd just looked one out when my son begged me to just ask my friend Emma for her recipe. 'Emma's can't be that good.' I declared, but all my kids (even the ones that hadn't tried them), plus the neighbour's kids told me that Emma was basically a pancake goddess, so I swallowed my pride and Emma, very sweetly (and saying that she was sure my pancakes were also good) sent me possibly the simplest pancake recipe I'd come across. Here it is:

Emma's Pancake Recipe:
100g Plain Flour2 eggs300ml Milk

Easy as 1,2,3. Just mix it up and then spread thinly on a hot, oiled, frying pan and even I can make nice pancakes.

I'd take the credit myself, but Emma's pancakes are way better than any of mine - especially the year I tried buckwheat.

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