Work with me

About me

I'm Cara McKee. I'm a writer living in Largs, on the West coast of Scotland, near Glasgow.

I write poetry, stories and articles (there are some article links below, also check out my 'poetry' tag), I'm also working on a novel, so only blog from time to time.

I did my BA (Hons) in Applied Social Sciences and Women's Studies, and then an MA in Social Research at the University of Leeds. After that I went to work for the Government as an Antisocial Behaviour Researcher. I left that to focus on my kids and my writing. Other jobs I've had include running a charitable organisation and working in academic research. 

Things I like are: writing (obvs), taking photos, reading, singing, watching films, crocheting, alternative music, hanging out with family and friends, and wearing black.

Things I don't like are telephone conversations, tomatoes, and 5pm. I am not keen on 5am either.

I am married with three young children and two kittens.

If you wish to know yet more, there is loads of random information about me in this blog post and plenty in this one too.

Although I live in Scotland I am originally from Ilkley (moor b'ah t'at) in glorious Yorkshire, so my Scottish family mock my accent on a daily basis. Especially if I say 'bear' (happens more than you'd think).

Some examples of my work

I've had poems published in lots of places, I keep track of what's going where here, complete with links.

I write a regular column for Scotland 4 Kids.

I told the story of being knickerless in France for this piece in the Guardian (oh the embarrassment!).

And I had a recipe for Scotch pancakes published, also in The Guardian. It's a pretty good recipe if I do say so myself. That is here.

Contact me

Please do get in touch. You can email me at caralmckee (at) gmail (dot) com. Alternatively leave a comment on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Work with me

I can run Creative Writing workshops, and have a wealth of ideas to work from. I'm looking forward to running a workshop on Poetry as Conversation for Cumbrae Contemporary Poetry Society next month.

I am also happy to work with you to provide paid written content, or a blog review. I am happy to give an honest review of lots of things. Get in touch. 

I will not reproduce another person's work on my blog without accreditation, and I will not work for free. My time is worth your money. I will also be clear to my readers if I am paid or given something to write a post.