Sunday, 17 February 2013

...big kids in seaside town

Hi, hope you've had a glorious day today, we have - sailing boats on the sea and a beautiful sunset.  Anyway, I promised you an update on how the big kids were getting on.

As you'll recall, the big girl had had a really tough time settling in at her new school, and we were having lots of tears and bad dreams. Well, she's still a bit of a wet lettuce (but that's in her nature, bless her), but things are an awful lot better. I had a few chats with her teacher (who is really positive, helpful, and open to ideas; a real breath of fresh air), and she's been given a 'buddy' in her class (although everyone in her class has been really excited about the new girl). Plus I'm going to be going in to help with Maths once a week from next week.

She also got entered into the annual Burns competition (English types – this is an annual cross-Scotland event, in which all children in primary schools learn a Scottish poem (in Scots dialect!), and then recite them to their class, with the best going through to recite their poems to a panel of judges), to learn a three-verse poem in a week! Shevdid incredibly well, and got through to the second round. Here's a video of her practising. She got better at remembering it all and got a certificate of merit. We were really proud of her, and so were her teachers, who awarded her the weekly 'Star Pupil' award, for settling in well.

The boy was proud of his sister, of course, but rather fed up about her getting rewarded for settling in well, when he's settled in better with less fuss! Poor love, being the oldest sucks.

The big girl is going to be starting Rainbows next week, and is starting to feel better about things. I think she'll make new friends soon.

As for the boy, he's doing really well in his class, and really enjoying the topic work they've been doing (Roman's first, and now Minibeasts). He's made no fuss at all about going to a new school (he's an old hat at it having done it before in rainy town), but he is tired out! He had a friend 'round for the first time on Friday, and he's looking forward to starting 'boy's gymnastics' classes at the local sports centre next week.

All the kids are enjoying spending more time with their Granny and Grandbob, but missing their mates from rainy town (and sunny Suffolk!). We've got some of their mates coming to visit next month, so that should be fun, in the meantime we can enjoy discovering all the fun things to do in seaside town.

Did you move house when you were a kid? Do you remember what helped you settle in?