Friday, 22 February 2013

down the gym!

Hello all, hope you've got good weekends lined up? What are you doing?  This week the big girl started Rainbows, which she really enjoyed, and the boy and the little girl started their respective gym classes.

Seaside town boasts one of Scotland's national Sports Centres, which has stupendous facilities, and lots and lots of classes to go to. The boy started his gym class on Wednesday. He said he wasn't very good at it, but he was totally thrilled about trying, and reckons he's going to get better. I didn't get to see the facilities very well that time, but he told me it was fantastic. He especially loved the air track (an inflated track, with more resistance than a bouncy castle), and the ditch filled with sponges. We were looking at the notice board and saw that boys from the club had came first, second, and third in both the regional, and the national gymnastics competitions, so it just goes to show what some great facilities can do!

This morning it was the little girl's turn for her class. She was very excited as her brother had been telling her all the fun stuff she could play on. When we got there she didn't know what she wanted to do first, and was running about all over the place, but she managed to get a little bit of focus and try out all the things the teacher wanted her to do. Her favourite thing was bouncing on the trampoline, closely followed by a near-vertical slide onto a crash mat after some awesome climbing. I was amazed at how well she managed the balance beam, and I LOVED the air track. For the first time in my life I could see why someone might want to run.

The kids can't wait to go back next week, and neither can I! I'm even thinking that when the little girl starts nursery I might start going to the gym! Er... you might need to remind me of that in a few months.