Wednesday, 20 February 2013

...knee deep in stuff!

Having had oodles of rain since moving, the last two days were totally glorious, but today it was back to greyness as usual.  At least it isn't currently raining.  Let's hope the sun comes back soon.  Meanwhile, we have been working like doozers unpacking our stuff, and trying to turn our new house into our home. We've got a lot of lampshades put up, and are starting to decide where to put pictures, but there's still lots of stuff everywhere. Where did all this stuff come from?

We did a major cleanout before we moved house. As you'll recall, I was donating stuff to Barnardos, and feeling really positive about it (the blog post is here).

My Mother-in-Law says that you get rid of stuff before you move, and then get rid of more after – and she's right! I've donated lots of stuff to one of seaside town's charity shops, but still, we have mountains of stuff!

It doesn't help that we've moved to a smaller house, losing space and storage, but I'm even falling out of love with the storage stuff we had before. What is that about?

For example, we bought some emergency bookcases on moving to sunny Suffolk, planning to upgrade them them one day. They've survived 'til now because they were fine, but now they're not!  Suddenly I can't wait to get some built in shelving, so we can pass them to my Dad (of whom more next time).

We also have the red thing (pictured above) – a big Expedit unit from IKEA. In our last house I LOVED the red thing, but now I think it looks messy and cluttered (and smaller). I'm thinking of buying doors for it.

The printer and the clothes horse in the picture have now been moved, so it is better, but really, at the moment, the only rooms I like are the ones where it's easy to hide all the stuff (although they look rubbish in photo's)! I want to get rid of those little tables; they're occasional tables, so mostly they're clutter and occasionally they get used.

What's going on? Am I just suffering from some sort of nesting stress? Or have I caught a dose of minimalism? What do you think of those Expedit inserts? Could I ditch the occasional tables? What could we use instead for the computers, and occasional TV dinners? Any ideas?  Help!  We're drowning in stuff!