Monday, 4 March 2013


The man from BT came today.  Well, two men came because the first one couldn't work out what he was supposed to be doing.  But between them they managed to sort it out and we now have 'phone, TV, and broadband!!!

We have communication.  It no longer takes me an hour to upload a blog post, and all the apps on my 'phone and my tablet are once again working.  Yay!

I didn't have a problem being without the 'phone, or much of a problem being without the TV (although I was happy to see the return of the CBeebies safety net), but I really really really missed the broadband.

I didn't think I needed a smart phone when Kenny got me one for my birthday the year before last.  I got a HTC Wildfire S on a deal from Tesco mobile.  It's OK, but I won't do it again.  To start off with I just used it for phoning people (controversial, I know), texting, emails, and facebook, but then other apps started creeping in.  I played Sudoku, I read the Guardian, the boy played Angry Birds.  I took photos using Vignette to get them looking funky... but those things are no longer on my 'phone.  Here's a quick guide to my favourite apps at the moment (by the way, these are all Android apps):


This app plays podcasts.  I listen to podcasts loads, and this works really well.  Here's what's on my playlist at the moment: 

There are podcasts I listen to which aren't from either the Radio 4 or the 'Stuff' camps, but not many!


I use this lots!  It's a photo editor which is simple to use, gives you a range of filters, effects, and frames, all of which are applied after you've taken the photo.  I prefer to do it that way 'round (although I did love using Vignette too, which puts the effects etc straight onto your photos).

Out of milk

This is a nice shopping list app.  Kenny's got it too, and we share lists, so if I put milk on the list, Kenny can get it on his way home (that's the theory).  You can type things in, and also use voice recognition (although that's a bit ropey).  The voice recognition option is best for getting funny results (like sex chocolate), but typing it in brings up options that you've typed in before, so it's pretty quick.

Met Office

Not as good as it used to be, with lots of glitches, but this is still a spookily accurate weather forecast app.  Hopefully they'll get all the glitches sorted soon.  I've got seaside town and rainy town in, just so I can check that rainy town really is more rainy!

Astrid Tasks

I'm a list kind of girl, and this is a great to do list.  If things are out of date they go red, and everything on my list is red.  In fact I'm currently up to 27th Jan (the day before we moved in!).  You can make lists recur, which is about as fancy as I get, but there's lots of whistles and bells you can use too.

I've not included things like email (I use Gmail), and calendar (Google), and I have got other apps on my phone, but I'm just telling you about the ones I use all the time... and feel totally miserable without.

For my birthday last year Kenny got me a tablet (a Google Nexus 7), which has a lot of the same apps that are on my 'phone, but I've also got more games on it for the kids to play.  I mainly use it for Facebook, reading the Guardian, and reading books... well that's the theory, but I've only read one book so far, as I've still got a massive backlog of physical books I'm working my way through (I got stuck on Cloud Atlas), but I love the theory of it.

What are the apps you couldn't live without?  Should I get them?