Tuesday, 5 March 2013

getting the silent treatment

The big girl is back to not feeling happy at school, and it's really difficult to know what to do about it because she's not talking. She does this, when she gets sad, she just won't talk at all, and you're reduced to guessing what's wrong.

She was crying in school again yesterday, but we don't know why. What she does say is that she misses her old school, and she's scared, and doesn't have friends at her new school. The trouble is, she won't talk to anyone. She's not even talking to the girls who want to play with her. She won't talk to her buddy, and she won't talk to the nice girl who came 'round to play the other day. She complains that no-one will play with her, but it's nigh-on impossible for anyone to play with her when she won't speak to anyone.

Her teacher has been trying really hard to get her involved, but the girl won't speak to her either now, so when she is asked a question in school she won't answer. The teacher has told her off (just corrected her behaviour – not grumpy at all) on a couple of occasions, and she's now saying she doesn't like her and won't speak to her again.

I am not the best placed to help her, because I increasingly feel that this is absolutely ridiculous. Her brother hasn't kicked up all this fuss, and how she expects anyone to make friends with her when she won't speak is beyond me. But I do feel sorry for her. She's obviously thoroughly miserable, and I don't know how to break her out of it. We've got one of her friends from rainy town coming to visit at the weekend, and she's miserable about that. She's miserable about everything she normally likes, she just wants me, all to herself, but so does everybody else in the family.

I wish I could sprinkle her with magic dust, and make everything alright, but I've run out. Have you got any ideas?

Update:  Lots of people gave us good ideas.  We arranged lots of play dates and had Mummy and me days, and just gave it plain and simple time.  It worked out OK in the end.  Just a few months later, she's got two best friends and she's doing fine.  Thank goodness!