Saturday, 30 March 2013

hanging out with family

When I set this blog up I said I was going to use it to let you all know how we were going with turning our brand new house into a home.

I was thinking about that the other day, and about what exactly turns a house into a home... some of it is about stuff, some of it is about making the house look like you wanting it to look, but mostly it's about living in it...  Scuffing the walls, messing up the carpets, having fun, and hanging out with family.

This Easter weekend we've been hanging out with family, dancing to the X-Box, eating ice-cream, setting up beds all over the place, and just hanging out.  It's fun.  It involves not getting quite enough sleep, and consuming just a bit too much sugar (until tomorrow, then we're ramping up the sugar to WAY too much).

My fabulous brother has come to visit with his lovely family, and it's great to see them, so chilled, and funny, and my brother and I just slip back into being daft, moaning about people we know, and slobbing about.  A top weekend, and a top way to turn your house into a home.