Friday, 12 April 2013

Belatedly celebrating national sibling day

Apparently April 10th is National Sibling Day, so I'm late, but my siblings will be used to that by now... Still, sorry guys!

There's a few problems with this day:
1. I don't know which nation it is referring to.
2. I don't know who dreamt it up. Usually card company's get the blame, but my brother works for a card company, so that's OK.
3. I've no intention of sending my siblings cards, or presents. Sorry again :-\

Now that I'm a grown up I get to have lots of people I think of as siblings, or pseudo-siblings, which is definitely a good thing. Being a social scientist I have grouped them into levels, purely arbitrarily, and totally subjectively.  I've been thinking about this and I bet it's different for lots of people.  I would also like to point out that the levels should not be taken to imply any suggestion of superiority.

My brother, Movember style
Level 1, full blood sibling

I've got one of these. He's my brother. He's a big lad who helps me blame my physique on my genes, and who keeps the family on their toes by having allergies and illnesses. Last year he scared us all silly by getting cancer, but he's doing tremendously well, and we're hoping it's all OK now. He is one of the funniest people I know.

My sister, fabulous
Level 2, half blood sibling

I've got one of these too... I don't mean someone like Professor Snape (shame), but rather someone who's got one parent in common. That'd be my sister then (I'd never call her my half sister). She is a gorgeous young lady, with her own flat, a career, boyfriend, social life and a plan. It looks like a lot of fun, and incredibly busy!

One of my sisters-in-law.  My brother done good
Level 3, in-laws

I know, I haven't included step siblings, who would probably be level 3, if I had any, which I don't. Yet... You never know (although that's a scary thought).

I have great sisters-in-law.  My brother's wife is beautiful, clever, strong, and a good person to hang out with.  Kenny's brother's wife is also lovely - really caring, and funny.  I'm glad we all seem to get on well.  I'm very glad to have them both in my family.  

I've been very lucky in the family I've married in to.  My brothers in law are both good men, and their parents are the best grandparents around.

Level 4, cousins and friends
My cousin-in-law.  Archeologist,
swimming coach and baker.
Plus awesome.

Obviously, cousins are cousins, not siblings, but those we see more often get called auntie and uncle, so they get on the list.

We've got plenty of cousins between us, nearby and in far flung lands. We've got a fantastic range of career paths to point out to the children. There's an artist, a musician, an archaeologist, a baker, a dentist, a vet... to name but a few.  I love that we can keep vaguely in touch now on Facebook, but the ones we see more of, because of proximity mainly, they're the level 4s. We just had a visit from some cousins, and had fun playing and laughing together, and learning about archaeology in the park.

We have friends, but not many the kids call uncle or auntie. I think my brother has more. I guess it's an effect of our moving so much that it's harder to maintain those relationships, and that's a shame because I've seen in my brother's life how good those relationships can be.

Hopefully we'll build up some friendships here in seaside town.  Our latest visitors recommended we throw a party for our new neighbours, which is probably a good idea, but what would be expected at such a thing?  Can we do something in an afternoon which isn't a barbecue, or should we wait 'til Spring kicks in? and should we invite the whole street? What do you think?  Help!  Oh, and while we're chatting, what/who would you include in your sibling categories?  

I've heard a rumour Spring is on the offensive, and the battle of the weekend is where the reign of Winter may come to an end.  Fingers crossed.