Saturday, 20 April 2013

going to a wedding

The last time I went to a wedding was in 2010, when I looked like this.

At that point I was pretty slim (for me), but very pregnant, and wearing massive sunnies in an attempt to distract attention from my massive swollen feet (I had to buy new sandals just before the wedding because I couldn't fit my fat feet into the shoes I'd got.  The new sandals were very practical, and that's the best thing I can say about them).  Of course, I was very pregnant, with a very big baby, and really there was only one massive thing that people were looking at!

This time, I'm not pregnant, but I am fat.  I am also in full-time-mum mode, and I am definitely not a yummy mummy.  So I must admit to feeling a bit non-plussed about being invited.  I'm going to have to wear a dress or something.  I'm going to have to look presentable.  Of course, as a guest, I'm not going to matter terribly much... unless I'm that woman who couldn't be bothered to make an effort.

So make an effort I shall.  Making an effort may not result in my looking like Queen Latifah (in fact I'd say that's incredibly unlikely), but we've got to have something to aim at, right?  I would love to look like Queen Latifah - especially Hairspray style.  She is just gorgeous!

Now I've had three children, and plenty of cake, so my first consideration has got to be some pretty serious underwear.

For this, and the dress, I went to Simply Be.  Not because they're fantastic or anything, but because I tried them after discovering that Evans ranges this season are awful.  Let's be fair though, most things for big lasses are awful.

This is the dress I like from Simply Be.  It is made of polyester or something similar, but it's nicely cut, and rather flattering.  

The little girl found me a fabulous necklace to go with it (at the garden centre), which came with earrings, 

So now I need some shoes and something to hide my arms (I wish someone had told me I'd be hiding my arms for so much of my life - I'd have been constantly in vests as a teen).  So I'm off shopping in Glasgow.  Wish me luck.  I'm dreading it (hate shopping, soooo depressing).  And that's the problem really... I may have a good dress, and get a good outfit together, but how am I going to ramp up my confidence to go with it?  Any handy hints?