Sunday, 21 April 2013

in the big smoke

We went into Glasgow yesterday; I needed to finish my outfit for the wedding we're going to next month, and we needed to get a load of stuff for our children, who have responded to the rain and Spring sunshine (spring has finally arrived!) by growing like weeds.

I hate shopping for shoes and clothes because it's just depressing being repeatedly told they don't stock them in my size.  I know what shops to go to now, but I don't know Glasgow, so I don't know where they are, and when they're concessions in larger stores I have no idea.  So I wasn't looking forward to our day.

But I had nothing to worry about.  Kenny was with me, and the kids too, and we had so much fun.

We started off looking for shoes.  We went into Russell and Bromley, where we were asked to put our scruffy buggy hidden out of the way of the shoppers, which was ok, but then the boy picked up a shoe to show me and noticed the price... He called over "Mum, this shoe is £175, so two will be £350!"  I was impressed by both his quick maths skills and his incredulity (if not by his shoe shopping skills), tee hee.  We left that shop and went into Office, where I found the perfect shoes.  Here they are.  They weren't £175, which is good because they're made by Blowfish, which usually means they'll look fab and fall apart quite soon, but they're red and they remind me of my wedding shoes.

We stopped off for a quick lunch of sausage rolls and pasties, and a spot of people watching.  The boy was amazed with the river of people going up and down the hill, and the little girl kept on asking in amazement "what are they wearing?"  She had a point, to be fair, I'd seen pictures of the fashion for ridiculously high heels, but I didn't think people actually wore them for walking in! 

I bought some very expensive makeup, which I rather liked, and I can only justify by saying that the woman I bought it off looked absolutely amazing, and I've only ever seen makeup ladies that looked scary before.

We stopped off at John Lewis to get more school uniform, and some rather fabulous shoes for the little girl, then went to look at 'phones for Kenny. The little girl had taken to playing with window displays, so her big sister was distracting her by taking photos of her on the phones - only Carphone Warehouse actually had the 'phones out and on so you could look at them; in all the other shops they were just fancy plastic bricks with screenshot stickers on, which isn't a great deal of use when you're trying to choose, imho.  

The little girls antics were driving me mad, so I deemed it nap time, strapped her into the buggy and said we'd look for sweets, and set off with the boy to find a cover-up for my arms. I was very pleased to find an Evans inside BHS (by which point little girl was asleep), and find something that looked ok.  I tried it on and asked the boy:
     "What do you think?"
     "Think about what?"
     "This top?"
     "This black top, here" - waving it, showing the tag
     "It's exactly the same as the top you're wearing" - laughing
     "No it's not!  The stitching is different." 
     "It's exactly the same!"  - laughing his socks off

Reader, I bought it... and he was right.

Enough!  We set off for home.  I had so much fun shopping, with funny, fun, life affirming people.  I am so lucky to have the family I've got, and I really enjoyed our day.  Let's not do it again for a while though, eh?

Do you like shopping?  What can make a good shopping day for you?