Monday, 8 April 2013

using names as decoration

I am a big fan of fonts.  I love letters.  I am crazy about characters.  

The children have their names on the walls of their rooms.  

Initially, this was because they shared a room, and we wanted them to have areas which they felt were theirs.  They don't share a room since we've moved to seaside town, but they still love their names being on the wall.  It gives them an ownership of letters from an early age, and helps to foster interest in letters, and words, and reading.  Also, decorating their letters helps to make them more individual, and just plain gorgeous.

The first name letters we had were decal stickers with stars on, you can buy them here (or in other places).

But we don't have those any more.  Because they ripped when we took them off the wall when we were moving house.

So, inspired by some wooden stars we bought, and decorated (mainly with decoupage), for children's rewards (pre spending money), I bought some wooden letters off a man on ebay who cuts them out in the font and size you want.  I can't remember who it was I bought them off, but there's lots of them on there.  Like this one (here).

Because the children had been given a box of lovely colourful papers from IKEA (I can't find them now, but you can get similar things at lots of places, including Hobbycraft), we decorated the letters with paper.  We used patterns and colours that went together, and that the children liked. For September's name we used nearly all IKEA paper, but the 'p' was covered with handmade paper with rose petals in it which had been given to us by a friend.

Callan's name was originally done entirely with IKEA paper, but the second 'a' got damaged when we moved, so we re-covered it with green shiny holographic paper which Kenny bought for me from a local newsagents.

I went to Hobbycraft to buy the letters for Ivy's name, and was dissapointed with the letters available, but the children liked them, so we went ahead and bought them.  Initially I covered them with dark flowery decoupage paper, which was a bit rubbish.  Ivy wanted them to be pink and sparkly, so I've recently sanded them down, painted them all over with a mixture of pink paint, glitter, and glue, and put pictures on them cut out from a very faded picture found in a frame we're using for something else.  I then painted a thin mix of pink, and glitter over the top.  I've just put them up in her room this morning.  Happily, she loves them.

I know there's lots of crafty people out there, and my decorations are rather minimal compared to some who make excellent use of ribbons and bows etc.  So, how would you decorate the letters?  Have you got letters decorating your house?  Can we have a look?