Thursday, 30 May 2013

Eating our tea

I just had a thought... calling this post 'eating our tea' probably tells you lots of things about my social class and where I'm from, doesn't it? I could have said 'supper' or 'dinner', we all laugh at Kenny for calling it 'lunch' by accident. I'm sticking with 'tea'. What do you call your evening meal? And what does 'tea' say about me?
Anyway, you'll never guess what happened when I gave the family their tea tonight (spaghetti bolognaise BTW). There were yummy noises! My children said thank you! People asked for seconds! The boy ate it, even though it had red bits in it. The big girl ate it all and asked for seconds! It was amazing. This is the sort of reaction I get for maybe Scotch pancakes, but never anything savoury, not from children, anyway.
And this on a day when I reversed our people carrier car out of a very tricky space, with a random bus in the way, while being watched by a class of university PE students, all wondering how I was going to do it. In fact reversing so successfully I got a round of applause from the little girl in the back seat.
I'm feeling pretty good about my abilities today. Don't worry, this is a transient thing!
So what's made you feel good today? And what savoury dishes can you whip up to elicit yummy noises?