Saturday, 18 May 2013

taking our photos

Hello all, well, sadly today has been pretty miserable, but we did have a break in the rain for the school Spring Fayre (why not a Fair?) this morning, so that was good.  After the Fayre we all went down into town to get our photos taken for our passports.  We haven't left the country since 2003, so we all need to get them sorted!  It is an incredibly palarver applying for passports, but I guess it needs to be.  But I'm not convinced it needs to cost so much money!  Getting our photos taken today cost £20 (and that was with a discount!), although the man did a very good job (and the results are A LOT better than we'd get in a photo booth).

Now the children are just naturally gorgeous, so there was no problem with them.  The big girl wasn't too happy to be separated from her glasses, the boy is looking a bit fluffy, and the little girl looks rather glum, but they're all fine.  In my opinion anyway!  They'll get new ones in five years.  It does seem a bit wierd that they take photos of wee babies to last five years, but I think my children will probably still be recognisable from the photos in five years.

I, of course, was another kettle of fish.  I mean, it's just a photo.  you have to look like yourself.  But I didn't want to look like myself.  I'm going to have to use this photo for ten years!  I want to look like the last photo on my passport (which was taken in 1997 so it's unlikely).  So this morning I set to work with my makeup bag and a trowel, and marched downstairs to be confronted by the little girl:  "what have you got on your face Mummy?"  Sigh.

Me, hardly touched up at all...
The man in the shop showed me a mirror before he took my photo, although there wasn't much I could do.  I hate having my photo taken where I'm not smiling - need something to make me look like I've got bone structure, rather than just a beige balloon with a wig on.  So he took the photo, and it's not actually that terrible, but I hate it (of course), so you're not getting to see it.

Talking to the boy later, he reckoned I look silly with makeup on, and compared it to facepaint.  He thinks we shouldn't be allowed to wear makeup in our passport photos if we're not allowed glasses, and he's got a point.  However makeup helps me feel like I've at least made an effort.

There's a fab video from Stuff Mom Never Told You about why women wear makeup.  Cristen talks about 'the beauty premium': check out the video, but basically, women do better at work, and are better thought of if they wear makeup.  So they wear makeup.  I work as a full time Mum, so my career prospects aren't affected by makeup, but my confidence definitely is (although I must say that Cristen (who is gorgeous anyway) imho looks much lovelier without makeup).

Lynn modelling her fabulous whatsit
Thinking this through I thought that I should challenge myself to put a photo of me just as I was when I was writing the blog - no makeup touch ups... and I did!  But, I did the whole looking sideways thing (supposed to make you look thinner apparently).  I took four photos before getting one I was happy with, and then I doctored it - not massively, just a filter, a vignette, and a frame, before releasing it.  I hadn't realised I don't tend to wear my glasses in photos - only realised when I got comments on them!  Thanks everyone, I love my glasses, but I can't usually find them!

This time next week I'll be at a friend's wedding.  I've been stressing about what I'm going to look like for ages.  I will definitely be wearing makeup.  I will probably have crimped hair (if makeup is my armour crimped hair is my shield), a fabulous whatsit created by Lynn.  There will no doubt be lots of photos, but hopefully I shan't be in many of them!

If you wear makeup, what does it help you do?  What do you do for a sartorial confidence boost?