Sunday, 7 July 2013

catching up with 'photo-a-day'

Yes! More of that photo a day stuff. While we've been on holiday lately I've not been able to upload photos, so I've saved them up to do all together.

Chris and Olly - 'red, white, and blue'
The prompt for the fourth of July was 'red, white, or blue', to tie in with American Independence day. It turned out my Mum's husband was wearing red, white, and blue, so he was perfect, and I liked this picture of him with a Harris Hawk called Olly at Birds of Beal.

The fifth of July was 'love'. I got lots of pictures of the kids with their cousins for this, and couldn't decide which one to go for. We're so lucky that the kids and their cousins get on so well. I hope they keep the relationships going. It's great to have siblings, but cousins give you a wider net.  And I think they're pretty cool too.

I ended up choosing this pic of the boy with my niece. I just asked them to look at each other, and they cracked up, which was lucky as my niece was pretty grumpy with me for crashing a tractor into her and getting her bum wet. Oops.

My niece and the boy - 'love' (not mushy mind)

Tucking into fish and chips
'fave smell' of the day
6th July brought the prompt 'fave smell'. Well my favourite smell is maybe cedarwood, or Spiritual Sky Patchouli, or perhaps lavender, and being on a caravan holiday I didn't come across any of those things, so I went with my favourite smell of the day. Fish and chips. We had them in the Neptune in Seahouses, and they were good, but the tea came with those nasty wee pots of milk. Still, they had curry sauce that was nearly as good as that you get in Bradford, so pretty good all 'round.

Today I'm getting up to date, and the prompt was 'where you are'.  Well, I woke up in Northumberland, but I'll be sleeping in my own bed in seaside town tonight, so what to go for?

I went for this one.  Taken out of a grubby car window on our way home today.  Nothing says you're nearly home quite like a Scottish flag for me.  I like the way in Scotland people talk about where you stay, rather than where you live.  It seems a bit temporary, which it has been for us for quite a while.  Hopefully we'll get to stay in seaside town for a bit longer.
Scotland - 'where I am'

I love taking part in photo-a-day - sometimes it's just an excuse to share photos of what we're doing, but it also makes me think a bit, and stops me from just taking photos of my kids... although I still take plenty of them.

This one, with the little girl as a blue lion/tiger is one of my favourite recent ones.  The topic was 'cute'.  

Do you do a photo-a-day challenge?  What's been your favourite lately?  If you can share it in the comments below, please do.

little blue lion - 'cute'