Thursday, 11 July 2013

deciding what to do

I am a list person.

I used to have several different paper lists, but then I got a Smart Phone (I use Android OS).  I love my Smart Phone, even though I can't wait to come to the end of my contract and get a new one.  I wouldn't want to be without it.  I've gone on at some length about the apps I love here, so I won't do it now.  Suffice to say that I tried a few to do lists, and then looked online to see what people were raving about.

They were raving about Astrid.  

So I got Astrid on my phone, and soon I was raving about it too.  It was so easy to use, and I especially loved the recurring tasks - I could tell it to remind me to do something every day, or three days after I finish it, or even every year.  It was great.  You just set it up and let it go.  Also, if you wanted you could make yourself an appointment to get something done.  I love Astrid.  I've been using it now for more than a year, and it's got very complicated.  The thought of switching to something else is awful.

However, in early May I got a message to say that Yahoo had acquired Astrid.  I was very worried.  I don't like Yahoo, their look is too fussy.  I see the Yahoo home page and I navigate away.  Too much information.  Too much rubbish.  I like Google (I know Google are doing lots of annoying things like getting rid of Reader, but I still love them... so far).  I didn't want to move to Yahoo, but hubby thought it'd be OK.  Astrid is really popular, it might change what it looked like but it wouldn't be broken...

But a couple of days ago I got a message to say that Astrid was closing down!  On August 5th! Helpfully they've provided a way to download your data, but that's in BETA, so they say it might hopefully work.  Great.  They also recommend other 'to do' apps: Wrike (this looks to be project management software that you pay for), Wunderlist, Sandglaz, and  I am not familiar with any of them, but I've been looking at their webpages.  

I've requested my data be exported, but where should I put it (if it works)?  Have you used any of those apps?  Do you use a to do list?

I'm going to miss that cheeky octopus.  From looking at the webpages, Wunderlist looks like it might suit. seems to be about to launch.  I wonder if Yahoo own these too?

Does anyone know about why this stuff happens?  Why did Yahoo buy a really popular app, and then close it down? Are they trying to get us to shift to other apps they're already running?  The Next Web suggests they're busily recruiting new staff to get themselves positioned to challenge Google.  They might want the people running Astrid to work on something else, but 4 million people had downloaded Astrid, so why kill it?

Thanks for your help folks.  It's appreciated.

Update April 2014... I miss Astrid.  Wunderlist was rubbish, so glitchy, it kept losing my updates which was maddening.  I switched to Remember the Milk, which works almost as well as Astrid did, but only on one device.  I'm hoping that one day Evernote will incorporate a really good list function.  Top on the list will be checking what I was going to do in Evernote.