Sunday, 1 September 2013

better than england

Have you seen the cool maps Bored Panda have put together, to help you see things in a different way?

Bored Panda is an American site, which is reflected in the maps, but this one really fascinated me:

Sadly I don't know how to do a similar map for the UK, but I do know how to Google things, so I tried looking up some of the places I'm familiar with.  Here's what I came up with:

Country type things
Scotland: Better than England (pic from here)

Scotland is ... better than England
England is ... better than America
Wales is ... the best
The Isle of Man is ... a tax haven


Yorkshire is ... a state of mind
Lancashire is ... better than Yorkshire (this is clearly bonkers)
Suffolk is ... the best place to live
Cornwall is ... not part of England
Devon is ... a place on Earth

Yorkshire: a state of mind apparently.
I've always preferred God's own County
pic from here

Edinburgh is ... better than Glasgow
Glasgow is ... crap (personally I prefer Glasgow, but there you go)
Aberdeen is ... boring
Birmingham is ... boring
London is ... the place for me (although personally I've always preferred Catatonia's pov on Londinium)
Manchester is ... my heaven
Bradford is ... a dump
Leeds is ... a dump

Where do you live?  Is it boring?  A dump?  Is it better than somewhere else?

I asked the children and they vehemently disagreed with many of these statements... especially Bradford.  Apparently Bradford is brilliant because it's got the media museum, and the puddle.  It's true, Bradford is brilliant.