Monday, 16 September 2013

hosting imaginary dinner parties

Whom would you invite if you could invite any celebrity you liked to a dinner party?

My brother and I. Pic from my sister (thanks sis)
When I think of who I'd love to break bread with, I think of my brother, because he makes me laugh like a drain and because, thank goodness, he's still here. I think of Aaron, who has been through so much and come out of it a lovely, warm, wise, hippy. I think of my friends Annabel, Emma, and their families whom I haven't seen in ages.

But I guess the whole point of a celebrity dinner party is that it's not going to happen. Not even if I pull my finger out. So, who to invite?

Well my friends of course.

This might sound a bit stalky, but I would want to invite the people I've been listening to, watching, and reading, and feel like I know. People like Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim, Cristen of Stuff Mom Never Told You, Josh and Chuck from Stuff You Should Know, Steven and Stephen from Freakonomics, and Jane Garvie and Jenny Murray of Woman's Hour. These are all people I listen to, watch, and read on an almost daily basis. Hmm, it's getting pretty crowded around here.  Maybe a buffet?

I would feel a little overwhelmed I'm sure, by some 'proper' writers, but I'd like to invite them anyway.  George RR Martin, because the man is a god of writing, and I would like to see if any of his skill was infectious. Michel Faber because I love the second person narrative, and the language he uses in the book of his I'm reading at the moment - The Crimson Petal and the White. Also Hillary Mantel, because I loved the piece she wrote on Diana.  I'd invite Philippa Gregory (might keep her and Hillary in separate rooms), because I could never learn enough about the Cousins War, and Margaret Atwood, so I could steal some of her ideas.

I got this pic of Aneurin Barnard from
this blog , although I'm not sure where he got it.
Nobody I think is sexy could come I'm afraid. It would be too distracting, and embarrassing, and besides I'm a married woman (which I'm sure would be the only thing holding them back - not). Sorry Jonny and Rufus. Sorry Francois and Aneurin.

What will we eat? I've been thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that I don't like any celebrity chef enough to invite them round. My friend Anthony is a mighty fine chef. However, I've decided to go for a pot luck dinner, purely because I'm hoping Chantelle will bring her tim tam tart (apparently Brits can substitute Penguins). I'm hoping that Philippa will let me look at the photos of Aneurin she's got on her phone too. Way to change a nations opinion of a King, Philippa!

I think this could work.  What about you?  Have you decided who you'd like for your celebrity dinner party yet?

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