Wednesday, 23 October 2013

celebrating birthdays and Halloween

Even though I am happiest when I'm warm and dry, I do love this time of year.  Nature celebrates the end of long summer days, by getting her glad rags on ready for the long nights of winter.  I love the greens of summer, but am glad to see the beautiful colours, and mysterious mists of Autumn.

I suspect I'm such a big fan of Autumn because my birthday falls just before Halloween, so my birthday parties have often been Halloween parties.  Bobbing for apples, and marshmallows on strings, as well as dressing up, and lots of sweets and cakes.

I love going trick or treating too.  Happily I still get to go, because my children need to be taken, but I don't usually get to dress up.

I'm excited this year, because I'll be taking the children to two Halloween dos for which I'll need to get dressed up.  Fabulous.  The crimpers and black eyeliner have been dusted off in anticipation.

I'm going to be 40 this year, and I'm not having a big birthday do.  There's plenty of Halloween dos without any extras.  I've not been so bothered about my birthday since I grew up, although I do note it's loud TICK through the year - another year gone, another age done.

One year I didn't notice the TICK.

My first child was born in 2005, and we got lots of presents and cards for him, and they just kept coming, merging into the cards I got from me.  I know Kenny, and my family wouldn't have skipped my birthday, but I can't remember having one that year.  And it didn't matter, except that I didn't notice the TICK.  I was befuddled about how old I was for a whole year, and to be honest, it's been tricky to keep track since then, except for this year.

This year I'm going to be 40, and I'm not likely to get befuddled about that.  I wasn't overly concerned about it - saw it perhaps as a TOCK, rather than a TICK, but it's just a number.  Our bodies age at different rates anyway, according to the latest research (reported here in The Guardian), so parts of me are already 40, perhaps even 50!  I wasn't worried about it until this morning, when the boy and I had this conversation:
     "You've only got six days left of being 30-something."
     "Oh no!  That makes me sound old."
     "40 isn't old."
     "What's old then?"
     "Er... 87?"
     "Wow!  That is old.  What about Granny and Grandad, aren't they old?"
     "No!  They're not old."

I guess the boy thinks people should be incapacitated by age before he considers them old.  We're lucky.  Our parents are healthy, and no, they don't seem old.  So how can 40 be old?

I should maybe up my game on the fitness front but, in order to stay not-old as long as I can, but first, lets have heaps of sweets and cake, and I'll die my hair, ready for Halloween.

When do you think you get old?  And have you ever missed a birthday?  Or got your age wrong?

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