Thursday, 17 October 2013


Today I'm sharing another post from the marvellous Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim's ist of  50 things to blog about (thank you Chantelle).  Today it's number 19:

The last thing that made me cry

Me and my parents.  Clearly I've always been
a cryer.
The last thing that made me cry was that my Dad wasn't able to come and visit after all.  I had been looking forward to seeing him, and was really glad that one of my parents was coming to visit me in Seaside Town at last.  It wasn't his fault he couldn't come, and he'd been meaning to come earlier, but I'd had to cancel that time.  It wasn't really the fact that he couldn't come that made me cry.  Rather, it was the fact that I don't get to lean on my Mum and Dad anymore.  Being a grown up sucks!

Well, apart from being able to stay up late playing on the computer and drinking wine and stuff.

My son's Easter assembly
I was literally in puddles.
I think something must have permanently shifted in my hormonal make-up when I became a mother, because I now cry at so much stuff it's unfeasible.  

I cry at mawkish adverts, I cry in my children's assemblies,  I cry if people are nice to me, and when my children are nice to each other.

I cry when I sing Jerusalem, which I do quite a lot when no-one else is there.  There are lots of fine countries in this world, but if you were unlucky enough to not be brought up in England, you are seriously missing out on that hymn (which is about Yorkshire really, right?). 

I don't feel sad, sometimes I don't feel happy, it's just that water is leaking from my eyes.  It's kind of annoying.  

However, I hardly ever do that horrible snuffling, blotchy-faced proper crying now, except I did on Sunday, and I did a while ago when I learned a close family member was sick (they've got the all clear now, thank goodness).  

I also get moved to tears by music videos, especially this one by Aerosmith, and I ALWAYS cry at those videos of crowds dancing in train stations.  What is that about?!  Here's the most recent one I watched, so you can cry too (except you won't - why would you?).  The worst thing is that if I was actually there when it happened, I would not stop and video it on my 'phone, or mouth 'wow', or stand and gawp.  I would certainly not join in.  I would get out of there as quick as I could and get on my train!

What about you?  What makes you cry?  If you're a parent have you got worse since you had kids?

This is the latest post in my series inspired by Fat Mum Slim's post on 50 things to blog about.  You can find the rest of them 

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