Saturday, 19 October 2013


Well, that's me.  Black wash in the washing machine, red wine at my side.  Hope you've all had a good October holidays, or will have a good half term.  I'm feeling pretty chilled just now, but sometimes I can be monstrous!

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Did you hear Cher on Woman's Hour this week?  If not, you can listen to it here.  

Cher was refreshingly honest about her reactions to both her daughter's homosexuality, and to Miley Cyrus' interesting recent performance with Mr Thicke (thicke by name... for more on my opinion on his work see this post).  In both cases, her initial reaction was a massive, grumpy, over-reaction, but then, when she had a chance to consider it, she realised there was nothing to be furious about!

Still, I can't imagine her daughter, Chas, or indeed Miley Cyrus had her in their good books for a while.

I loved that Cher shared this, because it's not a character trait that people are prone to brag about.  It is not nice to live with, but it is, to me, completely understandable.  Anyone who has lived with me will be able to tell you that I do completely the same thing too.  I have something in common with Cher!

I really try not to, but I do tend to sting first and ask questions later - as you can tell, I'm blaming it on being a Scorpio (astrology is all nonsense until I either a) need and excuse, or b) think something is pretty cool about being Scorpionic).

I am really sorry about this.  I know a lot of people think I'm rather scary because of it, and generally I have a theory that that sorts the wheat from the chaff.  But sometimes I alienate people I care about and that sucks, so sorry again.

I am trying to take a breath before I respond, to talk things over with people who are used to my funny little ways before I tell someone to F' off, but sometimes I fail.  I think this might be my worst habit, but if I say it is, one of those people who know my funny little ways will no doubt inform me of some other doozies.

What about you?  Do you have a tendency to bite people's heads off?  What's your worst habit?  And, what do you think of astrology?

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