Saturday, 23 November 2013

asking questions

What are the most frequently asked questions in your home?

The fabulous blogger Chantelle, at Fat Mum Slim wrote a post suggesting 50 things to blog about, and one of the things was Frequently Asked Questions.  I've had a good think, and here are the questions we hear most in this home:

What's for tea/lunch/breakfast?
Which is generally shorthand for saying, 'get on with making me some food!'  Of course, finding something that they're willing to eat (and wouldn't bore the socks off me too much) is another matter, which I've talked about here.  Of course, about five minutes after the meal is finished it's time for the next question in my list...

What else is there to eat?
Erm, how about an apple?  Funny how people who are 'starving' rarely want a healthy snack isn't it?

When do I get more screentime?
This question is usually asked within about a nanosecond of getting off a screen.  The children only seem to not be asking this question if they are totally involved in something else.  However, if we don't limit screentime, they turn into head-spinning monsters, and we can't have that!  Do you try to limit screentime?  How does it work for you?  And have you got any ideas of limiting husband's screentime? ;-)

Why do I always have to do that?
Nobody knows where the 'always' in this question came from.  This question is heard when a child is asked to put things away, or to clear the table, or even to do their homework.  We are evil parents.  It is very hard not to point out that actually I always do most of the stuff around here, but I try.  I really try.

School uniform.  Horrible stuff
The girls would look at the camera...
...but they're having screentime.
Where is the school shirt I like?
My children have plenty of school uniform (even though I hate school uniform, as previously discussed here), and yet they only have two shirts each which they actually like to wear.  The big girl likes the more fitted style button-up cotton short sleeved blouse.  And the boy likes a polo shirt with a school logo.  Sometimes they get them, sometimes they don't.  I have a sneaking suspicion that if I only bought that style for each of them next year they'd want something else.  The little girl doesn't have to wear school tops yet - thank goodness, but she is meant to wear a special jumper for nursery, and most days she refuses point blank (you go girl).  Do your children have special requirements when it comes to school uniform?

Is Mrs Clarke at nursery today?
We had a hell of a time settling the little girl in at nursery.  You can read all the grisly details here.  Now she's happy to go, and she's having fun and making friends.  She likes her key teacher, whom she sees everyday, and is always happy to see her, but there's a teacher called Mrs Clarke who seems to instill love in every child who meets her.  She's very positive, and very warm, and I'm glad she feels so positive about her teacher, but it does seem disloyal to her key teacher who has put so much work into helping her get settled.  Them's the breaks, eh?

How far is it?/How long will it take?/That's going to take for ages!
To be fair, our children do travel further to see family than I ever had to as a child, and I do feel for them, especially on some of the seven hour trips we used to do from Suffolk, but things are better now.  We're only four or five hours away, and we've got a DVD player in the car so when we are on a motorway, the kids can have screentime, and we're all a lot happier.  However, trying to take them for a walk is not a happy affair (although once they get going, they have fun).
The boy, with the wishes jar we made this week

What are we going to do?
You there!  Entertain me!  Personally I suspect our children could do with a bit more boredom, but as I cannot stand the bickering involved, I do tend to find things for them to do.  Getting out and about is definitely a good thing, and I love eating out, and going to the cinema (preferably without the little girl).  I also love making stuff and drawing (I suspect I like this more than they do).  After playing together turned into bickering today, for example, we went for a walk/scoot, had lunch out (yay), did a bit of shopping, and then returned home for crafting (Christmas tree decs!), and then Star Wars (freaky how much the boy knew about Star Wars having never seen it).

Where's Daddy?
A lot of the time, this question is asked when I have done something unreasonable, as covered in the question above: 'Why do I always have to do that?'.  Daddy is looked to to give an opposing view.  Sometimes the children do manage to get out of things this way, but usually Daddy is bad cop.  Of course, a lot of the time, Daddy is at work.  Poor love.  But sometimes he is hiding/doing something important.  My favourite is when he goes for a nap, and the kids don't notice.  After a while someone will ask 'Where's Daddy', and I get to say he's having a sleep, and they are invariably ASTOUNDED.  Do you or your partner manage to quietly disappear sometimes?  Personally I'm a big fan of folding laundry for ages.

Look!  This is where I got bumped!
Whats' wrong?/What is it?/Why are you crying/whining/hitting?
This is one of my own two most frequently asked questions.  When bickering turns to fighting the children usually use the stop it code, and before too long I will have a queue of children waiting to tell me their grievances.  Meh.  I am not big on sympathy.  My daughter fell to the floor from her scooter today and I just said, 'see', while she cried.  I did give her a cuddle, but told her off for being silly while I did.  See, told you I was mean.

Where's the little girl?
This is my other most frequently asked question.  She's a wee force of nature my little girl, and great at running off.  She has a particular knack for running into the park adjacent to our house whenever it's time to get in the car.  Sometimes she's not running off, she's just busy doing something somewhere else.  But busy doing what?  If I can't see her I worry about what she might be up to, and what sort of cleaning products I might need.  I have a sneaking suspicion she's always going to be trouble, but she's so fantastic she might just get away with it.

So are these the questions that get asked in your house?  What else would you add?  Anything that's definitely not you?  Any questions I've got to look forward to (that my kids haven't grown into yet)?

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