Saturday, 2 November 2013

in October

Last month I did a photographic round up of September, which I really liked doing, plus it sparked a night out, so it must have been a good post.  Therefore I thought I'd do it again, for October.  Once again, all photos are taken by me, using my 'phone.  If you're interested, my 'phone is a Samsung Galaxy s3.  If you would like me to review a better 'phone, just give me the handset ;-)

I take at least one photo every day, (although I haven't included them all) because I take part in Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge, which I love.  More info on that here.

I started the month with this pic' of the little girl, which I absolutely love.  It's a last snatch of summer colour, before the drear Autumn sets in.  Although I have been out and about capturing the colours of Autumn this last month.

I'm having terrible trouble with the formatting of this post, so I'm going to put most of the writing in captions.  Sorry - Blogger is not working for me today!

Morning light at home
Last green

Autumn colour

Autumn berries

I managed to get a selfie
 I actually like, wearing 
my favourite dress 
from ASOS.  You can 
buy it here for just £20. 

Pink photo-a-day pic for cancer charities
The little girl seems to be starring in a
 lot of my pics at the moment.  Perhaps 
because she's the one it's easiest 
to catch!

Playing on the tablet

Socks on the hands to keep them dry!


A visit to Nardinis
The boy had a visit from an old friend 
this month, which was great fun.  
We went to Largs, visited 
the Viking Experince at Vikingar!  
And had icecream at Nardini's. 

Viking Experience

We visited Kelvingrove in 
Glasgow, and bumped into 
some of the big 
girl's friends.

Noticed that some modern trends are very retro.

The little girl started to write.

As you'll see, we've been here ten months and
still not finished unpacking!

We discovered the joys of Cluedo and Twister.

We did lots of drawing.

I went to see Robin Hobb

And then the weather turned, just in time for Halloween.  Which was fun.

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