Monday, 23 December 2013

remembering my first time drunk

I thought it would be pretty straightforward to think back to my first time drunk.  I was pretty sure I remembered it, but do you know what, I'm a bit befuddled.  I guess it's only fitting!

Teenage me.  Thanks to my brother for the pic.
I know the date.  It was the 14th October, 1989.  However, I had it in my head that it had happened at the same party where I had my first kiss, but that can't be right.  It can't be right because I remember coming home from that party the following morning, with makeup smeared over my face, my tights torn, and my bed firmly embedded in my mind as my destination.  On that, my first walk of shame, I bumped into my Granny and Grandad outside the bakers.  "You're up early!" they said cheerily.  Indeed.

So that cannot have been my first time drunk, because that involved sitting with my new friends on the stony bank by the river which we liked to call a beach, passing around a cheap bottle of bianco, and playing a ridiculous game involving telling secrets and doing dares.

We smelled the bianco first.  Urgh.  Then we drank it.  I remember bonding with my new friends, sharing our worries, and our wants, and then gazing adoringly at the older man I had become obsessed with.  I don't remember how I got home, but the following day I missed the party of the girl who had been my best friend up to that point, while I was busy throwing up in a bowl and nursing my head.  I don't remember my other new friends being in the same state as me, but as you will have gathered, I don't remember much!

I remember saying "I'm sorry" a lot, and feeling like I'd let everyone down.  My mother, who'd been at a pink party, was still dressed from head to toe in pink, and was mainly laughing at the state I was in.

And the last time I was drunk?  It's been a long time since I've got myself into a state like that - it's not worth it when you've got children to wake you up at 6am - but the last time I went red in the face and couldn't speak properly was at a friend's house on Saturday, after just one glass of mulled wine.  I blame the heat - it sends the alcohol straight to your brain!

I've not drunk bianco again.  Nor will I drink 20/20 (remember that?) or Thunderbird.  

What about you?  When was your first time drunk?  And what won't you drink any more?

This is a #myfirst blogpost inspired by Kerri Sackville.  You'll find her post, and links to lots of other blog posts on the same topic here.

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