Tuesday, 10 December 2013

thinking of Emily

That's me, in the middle, with my brother (on the left), and Emily on the right

My first best friend, when I was little, was Emily.  She was a bit older than me, and she lived next door.

At this point in my life my family lived in a massive house with a huge garden.  They'd sold a little house down South to move up to Yorkshire and start a family.  They could buy a whole lot more house for their money in Yorkshire at the time, and so they did.

Of course, they then had to maintain a whole lot more house, and so they brought in a load of lodgers to fill the top floor, and make our lives more interesting.

In amongst all these adults lived my brother and I.  We had a dressing up room, long haired adults to annoy, and lots of outdoor space to play in.  It was fab.  In our back garden we had a climbing frame, and a swing set, and my friend Emily, from next door would come and play with us.  As far as I remember I played with Emily every day, although I doubt that that's true.  Certainly I went to nursery with her at the Scout Hut down the road, and we did play a lot.  

My first memory is of playing with Emily (and her Mum's toy Aga).

So it took some doing for me to wrap my head around the idea that I wouldn't be going to school with her.

The cost of running the house had become too much for my parents.  They wanted to downsize, and also move closer to the group of friends they were getting in with.  My brother and I went to stay with my grandparents for a little while, and then we moved into a new house.

When I started school I went to the one we lived in the catchment area of now, not the one Emily went to.  In fact I never went to school with Emily again.  Even when it came to Secondary school, she got to go to the girl's school I had wanted to go to, but my parent's politics wouldn't allow, while I went to the local jumped-up comprehensive.

I still saw her sometimes of course, and we never disliked each other, but we weren't best friends again.  Her parents divorced when mine did, part of the epidemic of divorce that swept our small town in the 1980s, and we did talk about that, but we didn't regain our old status.  I'm not even friends with her on Facebook now!

I've had lots of best friends since Emily, but she was the first to survive my bossy nature!

Who was your first bestie?  Are you still friends?

This is a #myfirst blogpost inspired by Kerri Sackville.  You'll find her post, and links to lots of other blog posts on the same topic here.

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