Thursday, 30 January 2014

finding treasure

When I was a kid we used to go to stay with our grandparents in the holidays.

My Grandparents lived in Lancashire, and had proper Lancashire accents.  They said the oo in words like book as oo, rather than u.  My Granny once cracked us up by saying lOOk at that cOOkery bOOk.  They also said graidly for good, and they called the play park the rec'.
My grandparent's road, in Longridge.
Pic from here

My grandparents had lived their whole married lives on the same road in a small town called Longridge.  They seemed to know everybody, and everybody seemed to know them.  If I was sent to the butchers for some meat, my Granny would tell me that I was to tell the butcher it was for her, so he wouldn't give me any rubbish.

When we got bored at the Grandparents house, my brother and I would head off to play at the rec'.  We went across the road, and along a path to get there.  We were supposed to go straight there, and not play under the abandoned railway bridge, or hang out near the bus stop, where naughty boys played.

One day, I was investigating a hole in the wall by the bus stop, where we weren't allowed to play, when I found a bit of green cloth inside the wall.  My brother and I scrabbled at it to see what it was, and gradually dug it out of the wall.  It was a small green purse.  We opened it up, and found in it a funny looking bus ticket (more like an old cinema ticket - it was on thin, coloured paper), and some coins.

The purse looked like this,
except a lot less classy!
Pic from here
We were very excited about the coins, because they were proper old money - shillings and pence (no pounds) - the sort that must have been a nightmare to learn to add up, and probably rendered the British mathematical geniuses.

We took the purse back to show the Grandparents.  They insisted we needed to take it to the police, and so we did.  It turned out that the purse had been stolen a long time ago, and must have been shoved inside the wall while it was being built.  No-one was quite sure why it still had money in it!  We did get a ticking off for playing by the bus stop, but finding the treasure more than made up for it.

What treasures have you found?  And did you keep them or return them to their owner?

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